The World Solar Challenge – How did it all begin?

Many of the solar vehicle innovations we see being used in the Aptera and Lightyear vehicles were first put into practice during the World Solar Challenge. In this blog we’re taking a look at this extraordinary event, its history, and how it eventually began to influence the consumer world. In the beginning…. The World Solar READ MORE

Aptera Deep Dive – Is Never Charge Possible for Everyone?

In this Deep Dive we will investigate Aptera’s range: How is it calculated? How can we expect it to change in different regions throughout the year? How is Aptera’s range calculated? Aptera’s PV Range In a nutshell the Aptera can produce around 4000Wh of energy per day from its 700W of panels, and uses 100Wh/mile, READ MORE

Aptera vs Lightyear One: Which is best!

Aptera vs Lightyear, is a clash of engineering efficiency and a race to be the first. This is a close look at the first two (serious) Solar Electric Vehicles. If you read my previous entitled ‘Why Aptera is Important’ you may have noticed that I did not mention much about the Lightyear One. This was READ MORE

Solar Aviation. How close are we?

With the imminent advent of the first commercial all electric passenger plane called Alice from Eviation, and the first commercial Solar Electric Vehicles (sEV) from Aptera, Sono and Lightyear, I thought it would be a good time to look at the history of Electric and Solar Electric Aeroplanes and see how far away we are READ MORE

Aptera – Why it’s so important!

If you have not heard of Aptera you are not alone. The company is a small but strong start-up based in California. Their mission statement is simple: “Create the most efficient transportation on the planet.” And this is not just some fluffy marketing mumbo jumbo they are 100% serious! If you have already heard of READ MORE